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Friday, May 22, 2009

Great Scrapbooking Ideas!

Create custom digital designs on your computer and print them or photo copy them from clip art books on to decorative scrapbooking papers. Combine them with a snap ring to make an album and add photos journaling and notes or insert them into larger album pockets for over sized embellishments. Create your own special designs with digital design software and download free fonts for flourished text or custom lettering and notes.

These make perfect graduation, birthday, and party gifts. Get family and friends to each write special notes at the party and add photos of them with the new grad or birthday guy or gal. Incorporate their favorite animals, colors, sports, or school colors, and add textured, designed, or satin ribbons. Now, it's easy to incorporate ribbons with special messages. Add ribbons with different motivational, inspirational, and personal sayings for a loving extra touch.

The choices are endless, but the results are always fabulous!

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