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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lucky Twenty One's New Banner

LuckyTwentyOne - Ink Drawings, Paintings & More!

As someone that is relatively new to Etsy myself (my second business), I realize how difficult it is to keep up with all of the technology, rules, and updates necessary to work through starting a business. Tonight while taking advantage of the numerous critique info through Etsy, I came across someone else having a similar identity crisis. She was in need of image info and so was I. After posting a few notes about her banner, it was clear she needed a revamp. Her artwork is great! But her personality and design style were just not getting across in her banner design.

Having working in graphic design for several years and now owning my own business (Swerve Media Solutions), I felt it was important to help out a fellow Etsian as so many have helped me before. Thankfully, Etsy has created a wonderful ambiance of friendship and support that I don't see many other places. It still maizes me that the same people who usually are clawing and sabotaging my credibility and marketability as competition are now the ones with supportive legitimate answers to important questions and concerns when growing a business. I appreciate the constant contact between fellow sellers and I'm happy to help whenever I can (as I did with designing a new banner for LuckyTwentyOne).

Check out their new banner! Here's to new looks, new friends, and fantastic new SALES!!! Check out her Etsy shop here: http://www.LuckyTwentyOne.etsy.com to take advantage of their 2009 Special. Feel free to request any custom items you desire and she can work with you to make those come to life. She also has a new blog here: http://www.luckytwentyone.blogspot.com/. Follow along and learn more about her painting and drawing techniques, and recently listed items.

To see more of her work click here. Here are some of my favorite items:

Johnny Depp Original Ink Drawing - Hello! Who doesn't love Johnny Depp - HOT!!!

San Diego Original Acrylic Painting - A beautiful artistic interpretation of a warm glowing sunset. This warms me right up on these cold dreary Michigan winter days.

Owl Original Acrylic and Oil Painting - Fun and whimsical while making a statement. Great for any art collector looking for a little something unique.

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